To value the artistic facet of the development of video games, considering the historical-cultural context and achieve international recognition with special emphasis on the exhibition of local culture.


- Create video games of high artistic quality developing immersive interactive experiences.
- Facilitate access to culture and heritage, mainly Latin American and Chilean through its incorporation into video games.
- Generate alliances with communities of different disciplines.


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Jaime Cid

Director, Composer and Environment Artist

Music producer and audiovisual artist.

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Benjamin Cid

Character Artist

Designer and 3D animator.

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Alonso Vergara

Art Director

Architect specialized in humanities and applied arts.

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Christofer Cid

VFX Artist

Master (c) in Machine Learning and Electrical Engineer

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Daniel Tapia


Audiovisual communicator specialized in screenwriting.

Our Core Values

Passion for art in videogames


Heritage awareness

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